Delegate List (as of April 16th )

If your name appears on the list below you are confirmed as a delegate for WaterTech 2010.

(Note: Blanks are held spots - awaiting names)

Registration Type
AMEC Earth & Environmental                                                                                                                     Booth Worker
AMEC Earth & Environmental                                                                                                                     Booth Worker
EnvirEau Technologies                                                                                                                          Booth Worker
Golder Associates Ltd.                                                                                                                         Delegate
Infinity Water Solutions Inc.                                                                                                                  Presenter
Kaizen Lab                                                                                                                                     Booth Worker
Maxxam Analytics Inc.                                                                                                                          Booth Worker
Maxxam Analytics Inc.                                                                                                                          Booth Worker
Maxxam Analytics Inc.                                                                                                                          Booth Worker
Northern Alberta Institute of Technology  (NAIT) School of Resources and Env.                                                                  Booth Worker
PHH ARC Environmental Limited                                                                                                                  Booth Worker
PHH ARC Environmental Limited                                                                                                                  Booth Worker
PHH ARC Environmental Limited                                                                                                                  Booth Worker
Pioneer Groundwater Monitoring Products LTD.                                                                                                   Booth Worker
Groundwater Control Systems Inc.                                                 Brad                           Abel                           Delegate
Alberta Lake Management Society                                                  Jill                           Anderson                       Delegate
Alberta International and Intergovernmental Relations                            Laurent                        Auger                          Delegate
Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB)                                       Brenda                         Austin                         Delegate
Alberta Environment                                                              Muhammad                       Aziz                           Delegate
Syncrude Canada ltd.                                                             Femi                           Baiyewun                       Delegate
AECOM Canada Ltd.                                                                Tyler                          Barkhouse                      ESAA Board
Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC)                                 Rob                            Barkwell                       Booth Worker
Environmental Services Association of Alberta (ESAA)                             Joe                            Barraclough                    Staff
Alberta Environment                                                              Breeann                        Barry                          Delegate
Infinity Water Solutions Inc.                                                    Lorne                          Bates                          Presenter
WorleyParsons                                                                    Paul                           Bauman                         Presenter
Ridgeline Environment Inc.                                                       Michael                        Beeney                         Delegate
Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB)                                       Michael                        Bevan                          Delegate
Quicksilver Resources Canada Inc.                                                Mike                           Biersteker                     Delegate
City of Hamilton                                                                 Mike                           Bingham                        Delegate
WorleyParsons                                                                    Andrea                         Borkenhagen                    Presenter
GENIVAR                                                                          Jason                          Breakey                        Booth Worker
Intrinsik Environmental Sciences Inc.                                            Gordon                         Brown                          Presenter
Suncor Energy Inc.                                                               Thomas                         Brown                          Delegate
Suncor Energy Inc.                                                               Russell                        Browne                         Delegate
Alberta Environment                                                              Ken                            Bullis                         Delegate
Nexen Inc.                                                                       Bruce                          Bunting                        Delegate
Stantec Consulting                                                               Devin                          Cairns                         Booth Worker
HAZCO Environmental Services, a division of CCS Corporation                      Kent                           Calderwood                     Delegate
EnCana Corporation                                                               Maria                          Campbell                       Delegate
Schlumberger Water Services                                                      Ken                            Campbell                       Delegate
Maxxam Analytics Inc.                                                            Scott                          Cantwell                       Delegate
City of Medicine Hat                                                             Joe                            Cartwright                     Delegate
Natural Resources Conservation Board (NRCB)                                      Walter                         Ceroici                        Presenter
McLennan Ross LLP                                                                Stuart                         Chambers                       ESAA Board
Canada Colors & Chemicals Ltd.                                                   Leonard                        Chan                           Delegate
University of Alberta                                                            Pamela                         Chelme-Ayala                   Presenter
North Shore Environmental Consultants Inc.                                       Darren                         Cherniak                       Delegate
Alberta Environment                                                              Renato                         Chiarella                      Delegate
SNC-Lavalin Inc., Environment Division                                           Matt                           Chmilar                        Delegate
Hydrogeological Consultants Ltd.                                                 Jennifer                       Chomyk                         Delegate
Environmental Services Association of Alberta (ESAA)                             Joe                            Chowaniec                      Staff
Maxxam Analytics Inc.                                                            Bryan                          Chubb                          Delegate
HAZCO Environmental Services, a division of CCS Corporation                      Tony                           Ciarla                         Booth Worker
CARO Analytical Services                                                         Glen                           Craig                          Booth Worker
Kontek Ecology Systems Inc.                                                      Bunker                         Crawford                       Delegate
Advanced Water Technologies                                                      Phyllis                        Day Chief                      Presenter
SNC-Lavalin Inc., Environment Division                                           Michael                        De Luca                        Delegate
AGAT Laboratories                                                                Robert                         DeSanti                        Booth Worker
Alberta Environment                                                              Jessica                        Di Maria                       Delegate
Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB)                                       Carrie                         Dickinson                      Delegate
EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd.                                                 Keith                          Dickson                        Delegate
Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade                            Tracy                          Diehl                          Delegate
Biogenie S.R.D.C. Inc.                                                           Jeff                           Dirks                          ESAA Board
Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures                                           Iana                           Dogel                          Delegate
Suncor Energy Inc.                                                               Dan                            Dore                           Delegate
Pioneer Groundwater Monitoring Products LTD.                                     Ernie                          Dorman                         Booth Worker
ConocoPhillips Canada                                                            James                          Douglas                        Delegate
H2O Innovations                                                                  Bob                            Downing                        Booth Worker
Cenovus Energy Inc.                                                              Marc                           Dubord                         Delegate
Nexen Inc.                                                                       Sarah                          Durham                         Delegate
Canadian Natural Resources LTD.                                                  Dave                           Edwards                        Delegate
Ridgeline Environment Inc.                                                       Geoff                          Eerkes                         Delegate
Concept Controls Inc.                                                            Birkley                        Elliot                         Booth Worker
TerraLogix Solutions Inc.                                                        Henry                          Erebor                         Delegate
Shell Canada Limited                                                             Richard                        Ettenhoffer                    Delegate
Fisheries & Oceans Canada                                                        Dave                           Evans                          Delegate
WorleyParsons                                                                    Melanie                        Evans                          Presenter
Alberta Environment                                                              David                          Fairless                       Delegate
Dessau / LVM                                                                     Christian                      Faucher                        Delegate
National Research Council - Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP)    Robert                         Faulder                        Delegate
WorleyParsons                                                                    Jon                            Fennell                        Delegate
Klohn Crippen Berger Ltd.                                                        Curtis                         Ferguson                       Delegate
Thurber Engineering Ltd.                                                         Neal                           Fernuik                        Delegate
Matrix Solutions Inc.                                                            Brent                          Forrest                        Delegate
Water Canada                                                                     Kerry                          Freek                          Delegate
Ground Effects Environmental Services Inc.                                       Sean                           Frisky                         Delegate
Baseline Water Resource Inc.                                                     Clint                          Ganes                          Delegate
University of Alberta                                                            Erick                          Garcia Garcia                  Presenter
Willowstick Technologies, LLC                                                    Val                            Gardner                        Booth Worker
Maxxam Analytics Inc.                                                            Valerie                        Geldart                        Delegate
PROECO Corporation                                                               Gerry                          Gerke                          Booth Worker
Maxxam Analytics Inc.                                                            Andrea                         Granger                        Delegate
PHH ARC Environmental Limited                                                    Terri Lynn                     Grant                          Delegate
Trace Associates Inc.                                                            Colin                          Green                          Delegate
WorleyParsons                                                                    Elizabeth                      Haack                          Presenter
Trace Associates Inc.                                                            Darrell                        Haight                         Delegate
Matrix Solutions Inc.                                                            Alex                           Haluszka                       Presenter
Iogen Corporation                                                                Helga                          Halvorsen                      Delegate
TL2 Project & Event Management                                                   Lorrine                        Hamdon                         Staff
Clearflow Enviro Systems Group Inc.                                              Terry                          Hanna                          Booth Worker
AGAT Laboratories                                                                Kelly                          Harfman                        Booth Worker
EOG Resources Canada Inc.                                                        Colin                          Harfman                        Delegate
Cansel Survey Equipment                                                          Janet                          Hart                           Booth Worker
Imperial Oil                                                                     Jennifer                       Haverhals                      Delegate
TR3 Energy Inc.                                                                  Lance                          Hayman                         Booth Worker
EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd.                                                 Frans                          Hettinga                       Presenter
ConocoPhillips Canada                                                            Scott                          Hillier                        Presenter
CARO Analytical Services                                                         Ed                             Hoppe                          Booth Worker
EnCana Corporation                                                               John                           Horgan                         Delegate
Terracon Geotechnique Ltd.                                                       Kirsten                        Horne                          Delegate
Shell Canada Energy                                                              Nicolette                      Horodeski                      Delegate
Nova Chemicals Corporation                                                       Curtis                         Horvath                        Delegate
Husky Energy Inc.                                                                Sharla                         Howard                         Delegate
Maple Leaf Environmental Equipment                                               Steve                          Howard                         Delegate
Concept Controls Inc.                                                            Carla                          Howden                         Booth Worker
University of Toronto                                                            Adele                          Hurley                         Delegate
Matrix Solutions Inc.                                                            Jon                            Hutt                           Delegate
Ivey International Inc.                                                          George (Bud)                   Ivey                           Presenter
ACG Equipment                                                                    Greg                           Jackson                        Booth Worker
University of Calgary                                                            Leland                         Jackson                        Presenter
Ground Effects Environmental Services Inc.                                       Lori                           Johnston                       Delegate
SAIT Polytechnic                                                                 Andrew                         Jones                          Delegate
University of Alberta                                                            Seoktae                        Kang                           Presenter
Lindisfarne Productions                                                          Fred                           Keating                        Delegate
Husky Energy Inc.                                                                Theresa                        Keenan                         Delegate
Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB)                                       Erin                           Kempin                         Delegate
Nova Chemicals Corporation                                                       Allen                          Kennedy                        Delegate
Maplethorpe Contractors Ltd.                                                     Skip                           Kerr                           ESAA Board
Stantec Consulting                                                               Dylan                          King                           Delegate
Hetek Solutions Inc.                                                             Patricia                       Kittelberger                   Delegate
Alberta Environment                                                              Margaret                       Klebek                         Delegate
Exova                                                                            Dominika                       Komarnicki                     Delegate
J. K. Engineering Ltd.                                                           Jan                            Korzeniowski                   Presenter
TR3 Energy Inc.                                                                  Russell                        Kossowan                       Booth Worker
Canada Colors & Chemicals Ltd.                                                   Darren                         Kostiw                         Delegate
Western Canadian Containment                                                     Wes                            Kowalchuk                      Delegate
Matrix Solutions Inc.                                                            Mike                           Krawetz                        Delegate
Environment Canada                                                               Pamela                         Laidler                        Delegate
Alberta Environment                                                              Vien                           Lam                            Delegate
Summer Village of Sandy Beach                                                    Denise                         Lambert                        Delegate
Dessau / LVM                                                                     Martin                         LaRoche                        Delegate
Dessau / LVM                                                                     Guy                            Lavoie                         Delegate
National Research Council - Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP)    Twyla                          Legault                        Presenter
Edmonton Waste Management Centre of Excellence                                   Jerry                          Leonard                        Presenter
Alberta Environment                                                              Gene                           Leskiw                         Delegate
Waste Management of Canada                                                       John                           Lewis                          ESAA Board
City of Edmonton - Asset Management & Public Works                               Grace                          Licardo                        Delegate
Clearflow Enviro Systems Group Inc.                                              Darryn                         Listwan                        Booth Worker
Edmonton Waste Management Centre of Excellence                                   Ryan                           Litwinow                       Delegate
Edmonton Waste Management Centre of Excellence                                   Kathleen                       Londry                         Delegate
KEYERA Energy Ltd.                                                               Colin                          Long                           Delegate
PROECO Corporation                                                               Maegan                         Lukian                         Delegate
WorleyParsons                                                                    Ken                            Lyon                           Presenter
Husky Energy Inc.                                                                Bill                           MacDonald                      Delegate
Hydrogeological Consultants Ltd.                                                 Dave                           MacIntyre                      Delegate
Rice Earth Sciences                                                              Allister                       MacIsaac                       Delegate
Ridgeline Environment Inc.                                                       Lucyna                         Mackay                         Delegate
Stantec Consulting                                                               Jonathan                       Mackay                         Booth Worker
Matrix Solutions Inc.                                                            Gordon                         MacMillan                      Delegate
Oak Environmental Inc.                                                           Frank                          Magdich                        Booth Worker
AGAT Laboratories                                                                Marcus                         Maguire                        Delegate
Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures                                           Catherine                      Main                           ESAA Board
Golder Associates Ltd.                                                           Roudrajit                      Maji                           Delegate
HAZCO Environmental Services, a division of CCS Corporation                      Myles                          Makortoff                      Delegate
Kaizen Lab                                                                       Koshy                          Malayil                        Booth Worker
Alberta Employment and Immigration                                               Sherry                         Maljan                         Delegate
Oasis Filter International Ltd.                                                  David                          Manz                           Presenter
Klohn Crippen Berger Ltd.                                                        Bill                           Marsh                          Delegate
Statoil Canada Ltd.                                                              Vance                          Matthews                       Delegate
Exova                                                                            Philip                         Maurice                        Delegate
University of Victoria                                                           Asit                           Mazumder                       Presenter
ADI Systems Inc.                                                                 Peter                          McCarthy                       Presenter
Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC)                                 Reid                           McDougall                      Booth Worker
Alberta Environment                                                              Preston                        McEachern                      Presenter
Nexen Inc.                                                                       Dianne                         McIsaac                        Delegate
Newalta Corporation                                                              Patrick                        McKay                          Delegate
Husky Energy Inc.                                                                Lance                          McLean                         Delegate
Schlumberger Water Services                                                      Dave                           Mercer                         Delegate
Nexen Inc.                                                                       Nikki                          Mereniuk                       Delegate
Clearflow Enviro Systems Group Inc.                                              Tanya                          Michailuck                     Delegate
Golder Associates Ltd.                                                           Sean                           Miller                         Delegate
SWAT Consulting Inc.                                                             Trever                         Miller                         Booth Worker
AMEC Earth & Environmental                                                       Dean                           Mitchell                       Delegate
SLR Consulting (Canada) Ltd.                                                     Ian                            Mitchell                       Presenter
Lindisfarne Productions                                                          Sheena                         Moore                          Booth Worker
Lindisfarne Productions                                                          Simon                          Morgan                         Booth Worker
Health Canada                                                                    Nicole                         Morin                          Delegate
Cantral Labs                                                                     Cora                           Morrison                       Delegate
ConocoPhillips Canada                                                            Ole                            Mrklas                         Delegate
CARO Analytical Services                                                         Brent                          Mussato                        Delegate
EPCOR Utilities                                                                  Sean                           Naaykens                       Delegate
Alberta Environment                                                              Geoff                          Nash                           Delegate
AGAT Laboratories                                                                Gord                           Nelson                         Delegate
Exova                                                                            Randy                          Neumann                        ESAA Board
University of Alberta, Environmental Resource Management Program                 Irene                          Ng                             Booth Worker
Exova                                                                            Nhan                           Nguyen                         Delegate
Matrix Solutions Inc.                                                            Sean                           Nichols                        Delegate
Alberta Environment                                                              Petri                          Nieminen                       Presenter
ECO Canada - Environmental Careers Organization                                  Kevin                          Nilsen                         Booth Worker
NSERC - Prairies                                                                 Frank                          Nolan                          Delegate
Lindisfarne Productions                                                          Colleen                        Nuc                            Booth Worker
Maxxam Analytics Inc.                                                            Garry                          Ogletree                       Delegate
Dillon Consulting Limited                                                        Akinwale                       Owojori                        Delegate
EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd.                                                 Carlin                         Pacholko                       Delegate
University of Toronto                                                            Ben                            Parfitt                        Delegate
Alberta Employment and Immigration                                               Tracey                         Pelly                          Delegate
Keystone Environmental Ltd.                                                      Francisco                      Perello                        Presenter
Pioneer Professional Services Group                                              Bryce                          Peterson                       Delegate
Matrix Solutions Inc.                                                            Dallas                         Philippon                      Delegate
Intrinsik Environmental Sciences Inc.                                            Karen                          Phillipps                      Presenter
AECOM Canada Ltd.                                                                Stephen                        Pinto                          Presenter
ACG Equipment                                                                    Wally                          Plumer                         Booth Worker
Hepure Technologies                                                              John                           Poulson                        Delegate
Alberta Environment                                                              Bryan                          Pretula                        Delegate
GP Resources Ltd.                                                                Greg                           Price                          Presenter
Ground Effects Environmental Services Inc.                                       Calvin                         Prokop                         Booth Worker
University of Alberta                                                            Jonathan                       Pun                            Delegate
Athabasca Oil Sands Corp.                                                        Tom                            Pye                            Delegate
Alberta Transportation                                                           Shaun                          Quinn                          Delegate
AGAT Laboratories                                                                Shawna                         Rabichuk                       Booth Worker
WorleyParsons                                                                    Geetha                         Ramesh                         Presenter
Matrix Solutions Inc.                                                            Scott                          Rayner                         Booth Worker
GENIVAR                                                                          Craig                          Robertson                      ESAA Board
SLR Consulting (Canada) Ltd.                                                     Erin                           Robson                         Presenter
Fossil Water Corporation                                                         Nicole                         Rowney                         Presenter
Osprey Scientific Inc.                                                           George                         Ruddock                        Delegate
Canadian Natural Resources LTD.                                                  Darlene                        Sakires                        Delegate
Husky Energy Inc.                                                                Jennifer                       Saldana                        Delegate
Chemline Plastics                                                                Martin                         Sampson                        Booth Worker
Hydrogeological Consultants Ltd.                                                 Jason                          Sanders                        Delegate
Water Canada                                                                     Lee                            Scarlett                       Delegate
Alberta Environment                                                              Marlin                         Schmidt                        Delegate
Custom Environmental Services Ltd.                                               Gavin                          Scott                          ESAA Board
Suncor Energy Inc.                                                               Chad                           Seigel                         Delegate
EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd.                                                 A. Aziz                        Shaikh                         Presenter
Alberta Environment                                                              Dustin                         Shauer                         Delegate
Matrix Solutions Inc.                                                            Jason                          Signarowski                    Booth Worker
Aquatic Life Ltd.                                                                Jeff                           Simpson                        Booth Worker
PROECO Corporation                                                               Rohan                          Singh                          Delegate
ECO Canada - Environmental Careers Organization                                  Justin                         Smale                          Booth Worker
EnvirEau Technologies                                                            Earl                           Solberg                        Presenter
Clearflow Enviro Systems Group Inc.                                              Bob                            Spiller                        Booth Worker
Pioneer Professional Services Group                                              Vip                            Srivastava                     Delegate
EPCOR Utilities                                                                  Sandra                         Stahl                          Delegate
EPCOR Utilities                                                                  Stephen                        Stanley                        Presenter
Oak Environmental Inc.                                                           Sara                           Stewart                        Delegate
City of Calgary - Utilities & Environmental Protection                           Susan                          Stinson                        Delegate
Grande Cache Coal                                                                Karen                          Stroebel                       Delegate
AMEC Earth & Environmental                                                       Kathy                          Sullivan                       Booth Worker
Rice Earth Sciences                                                              Ron                            Surry                          Booth Worker
Hoskin Scientific Ltd.                                                           Shawn                          Ternan                         Booth Worker
Millenium EMS Solutions LTD                                                      Ian                            Terry                          Delegate
Schlumberger Water Services                                                      Don                            Thompson                       Booth Worker
Thomson Hydrogeologic Ltd.                                                       David                          Thomson                        Delegate
AMEC Earth & Environmental                                                       Shaun                          Toner                          Delegate
Pinchin Environmental Ltd.                                                       Robert                         Tossell                        Presenter
AMEC Earth & Environmental                                                       Sergei                         Touchinski                     Presenter
Dewind One-Pass Trenching                                                        Mark                           Van Hoose                      Booth Worker
Stantec Consulting                                                               Lindsay                        van Noortwyk                   Delegate
EnvirEau Technologies                                                            Frank                          Varseveld                      Presenter
WorleyParsons                                                                    Valerie                        Veenstra                       Presenter
Hydrogeological Consultants Ltd.                                                 Jennifer                       Voaklander                     Delegate
H2O Innovations                                                                  Ryan                           Waldie                         Booth Worker
Nexen Inc.                                                                       Andrea                         Walter                         Delegate
Northern Alberta Institute of Technology  (NAIT) School of Resources and Env.    David                          Warwick                        Booth Worker
Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC)                                 Keith                          Watson                         Booth Worker
BECK Drilling and Environmental Services                                         Lara                           Wegleitner                     Booth Worker
Thurber Engineering Ltd.                                                         Morley                         Weitzman                       Presenter
ARC Resources Ltd.                                                               Tara                           Wesner                         Delegate
WDA Consultants Inc.                                                             Udo                            Weyer                          Presenter
SNC-Lavalin Inc., Environment Division                                           Todd                           White                          Delegate
County of Lethbridge                                                             Les                            Wieland                        Delegate
In-Situ Inc.                                                                     Chris                          Williams                       Booth Worker
Waterline Resources Inc.                                                         Jamie                          Wills                          Presenter
Maxxam Analytics Inc.                                                            Don                            Wood                           Delegate
Alberta Agriculture and Food                                                     Karen                          Yakimishyn                     Delegate
WorleyParsons                                                                    Costa                          Yannacopoulos                  Presenter
AMEC Earth & Environmental                                                       Jane                           Yetter                         Delegate
Stantec Consulting                                                               Dan                            Yoshisaka                      Delegate
North Shore Environmental Consultants Inc.                                       Kelly                          Zadko                          Delegate
Alberta Health Services                                                          Elson                          Zazulak                        Delegate
Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB)                                       Elena                          Zimmerman                      Delegate
Environmental Diagnostics Inc.                                                   Jana                           Zverina                        Delegate
Environmental Diagnostics Inc.                                                   Milan                          Zverina                        Delegate




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